This isn't just another "AIRBNB course."

This is a comprehensive course to teach you {from start to finish} how to build, fund, launch, operationalize, manage, and scale your SHORT-TERM RENTAL business. AIRBNB just happens to be ONE of the platforms we'll use to get you to your goals.
Starting and Funding an Official AIRBNB/STR Biz

Learn the difference between a AIRBNB/Short-term rental side hustle vs. launching an official business for business funding opportunities.

Finding a Profitable Property w/ easy Market Research

Get hand-on practice with finding profitable markets and spotting areas and properties that align with your business goals.

Securing your AIRBNB/STR w/ or w/out Owning Property

Learn several ways to get your first AIRBNB/Short-term rental, including how to approach landlords who's property you're interested in renting.

Maximizing Visibility and Listing on Multiple Platforms

Learn how to properly list your rental on AIRBNB as well as several other platforms, including MIDterm rental platforms.

Building your Cleaning Team and Stocking Inventory

Learn how to find and interview the cleaners, conduct quality checks to ensure 5-star reviews, and how to best stock your inventory closet.

Operationalizing and Scaling your AIRBNB/ STR Biz

Understand what systems, people, and processes are needed to run your business yourself, or passively. Then, scale your business.

Hi, I’m Brenae,

your Fir$t AIRBNB Coach!

I left my 6-figure corporate job and became a full-time real estate and short-term rental investor through. I started my company, Brela Beginnings LLC, and have since renovated several residential properties, including my own multifamily real estate property, done a few fix & flips, and have consulted on commercial renovation projects, but my bread and butter (and specialty) lie in short-term rentals & AIRBNBs!

I'll teach you from start to finish how to establish a reputable AIRBNB/STR business, how to obtain, launch, and manage properties for your business, and how to then get more properties!

Find me on social media for tips and advice about the biz!

IG: @Brenaerobinson

FB: @Brenae Robinson


"This course, this mentorship, the whole package, the experience has been worth every penny!" - Jackie